One of the best reasons to want to travel to Thailand is the nightlife. Beautiful sandy beaches and lush tropical jungle do have their allure but can be found in many other destinations. However, when combined with the welcoming nature of the people and fun nightlife, it makes for an even more rewarding vacation. 

Right from the moment the sun goes down on Koh Samui, there is a whole other level of enjoyment to be discovered and indulged in. here is what you have to look forward to. 

Watch The Sunset

Koh Samui enjoys a particularly beautiful sunset that is best enjoyed by choosing to settle in at east-facing beaches in Chaweng and Lamai, or north-facing ones in Bophut and Maenam. Sink into a lounge chair with a drink in hand to gaze in wonder at the wonderful cacophony of pink, red, purple and yellow hues that come alive for a while before darkness descends. 

It is a simple but awe-inspiring way to get your night started on the right foot. If you can book a hotel or find your way to an appropriately faced beach at the right time, you will not be disappointed. Many restaurants and bars do face the beaches and can make for the perfect setting for these fantastic views. 

Dine Out

Koh Samui is home to some of the best fine dining in Thailand. The many high-end resorts and large tourist numbers have encouraged this investment, allowing guests to indulge in various local and international cuisine. From French cuisine to Thai fusion, there are many options to choose from.

Some of the most well-regarded restaurants include Saffron located at Banyan Tree in Lamai Bay, Barracuda Restaurant at Maenam Beach, and Poppies near Chaweng Beach. 

If looking for something more pocket-friendly, consider visiting the street food stalls at the popular night markets around Koh Samui. You can easily find food that is cheap, plentiful, and delicious. 

Night Markets

There are several night markets around Koh Samui. Some are daily, while others can be weekly. They are a popular attraction for night owls who appreciate the chance to grab bargain deals on all sorts of commodities including clothing, artwork and food. 

You can spend hours just wandering from stall to stall, checking out different merchandise, bargaining and indulging in some street food and drink along the way. You can also find some beautiful souvenirs to take home as gifts. These markets tend to be within or close to commercial centres so you can take your shopping or dining a step further if you want to explore more. However, if you are done with shopping, you may want to try other entertainment. 

Attend A Cabaret Show

Cabaret shows in Thailand are considered highly entertaining though intended for more mature audiences. This is not a venture you will want the kids along for. There are several theatres and bars where such shows take centre stage. The best known in Koh Samui is likely the Paris Follies Cabaret in Chaweng. 

In some areas you might find the venues neighbouring each other, making it tough to make a choice. Somewhat raunchy, these acts can be a fun time with performers executing choreographed dances in glamourous outfits. They are a big draw for tourists so expect seating to be taken up quickly during peak tourist seasons. 

Take In A Muay Thai Bout

Muay Thai is just as popular in Koh Samui as it is in Phuket and Bangkok. The national sport has several dedicated stadiums and many gyms where athletes train. One of the most widely popular activities on Monday, Friday and sometimes Sunday evenings is attending a fight. 

They are held at the stadiums and in some major gyms. The fights are usually well publicised so if you are interested in a particular fighter, you should be able to easily find out if they will be on. Some venues also take up bets so if you want to make the experience higher stakes, you can. 

Party till Morning

Koh Samui has many bars, clubs and discos. They can be found along beaches, on commercial streets and even in shopping complexes. Chewang in particular is considered the party central of the island where you can a wide variety of entertainments from laid black pool table bars to GoGo dancer discos. 

Many of the popular bars and clubs keep going till morning, allowing customers to have fun all night long. It can get loud but it is all in good fun with plenty of cheap drinks to go around. Hard-core party-goers may want to find out when the next Full Moon or Black Moon party will be. 

These monthly events are held on the beaches of neighbouring Koh Phangan and bring together people of various nationalities for a night of unbridled drinking and dancing. Different kinds of entertainment are included are held including DJ performances, fire skipping ropes, and fireworks displays.